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Dll Injector For Mac

This package is inspired by the popular package node-dll-injector from mcoot.Since it looked like he discontinued working on the package in 2019 i basically rewrote the whole node native addon with the new v8 api that node-gyp and node js are using and with the new nan package changes. The core mechanic is the same as in the package from @mcoot. So thanks a lot to him ^-^.

Dll Injector For Mac

Download Zip:

When the dropper is executed, it unpacks several of these files and drops them into the %WINDOWS% directory. These files are client.dll, client64.dll, 64bit injector, zlib1.dll, aplib.dll, aplib64.dll. Client.dll and client64.dll are the most interesting ones, because they are injected into interesting processes - explorer.exe, iexplore.exe, chrome.exe, firefox.exe. Client.dll is injected into 32-bit processes, client64.dll is injected into 64-bit processes.

In case of a 64-bit version (client64.dll), it is necessary to drop a 64-bit injector, which scans through all 64-bit processes and injects payload to them. This step is necessary because the original dropper is 32-bit and it would be very complicated to inject data from 32-bit to 64-bit process. Having a 32-bit dropper has the advantage of being able to run on both a 32-bit operating system or a 64-bit operating system (under WoW64 emulation). This dropper does not utilize 32-bit to 64-bit code transition as we have seen in case of Win32/64:Blackbeard.

It is interesting because PE injectors written in Python are not so common.The injector (DLL)The DLL injected in Python (e5ba5f821da68331b875671b4b946b56) is the main component of the malware. This component expects to be injected into Python executable:

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