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"O-Bitch-U-Ready" Obituary #RIPRBG

Holy shit.

Last night was a gut wrencher. As I aimlessly stared at my Twitter feed, wallowing in my own insignificant worries and trying to distract myself, instead I saw the news that broke my heart-RBG had passed. My reaction, frankly was nothing less than what you see above. Two words that incapsulated so much emotion-sorrow, anger, uncertainty, and fear.

RBG leaves behind a legacy that will not be forgotten. She inspired me in her life and I swear upon everything she will inspire me in her death. I will not pretend those emotions I initially felt have disappeared within the last 24 hours. I am sad. I am furious. I do not know the right path forward on how to make effective change. I am very very scared for the future of this country. However, I am determined to act.

As my first step, instead of a traditional obituary, I declare her death as my “oh bitch you ready” moment. Am I ready to vote for Joe Biden? Am I ready to fight my damndest for the future of this democracy in anyway I can?

In the name of RBG, I am ready. Will you join me?

I encourage everyone this week to take an action to make a difference. Make calls for a candidate. Donate to a close race (I recommend but there are many options) Make sure you are registered to vote. Make your plan on how you will vote. Do something. Everything can make a difference.

If anyone wants any tips or help or if you have any advice on what I can do, feel free to reach out.

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Val   Parks
Val Parks
23 sept. 2020

I feel so many emotions in this moment, sad and terrified encapsulates it for the most part. The threat to the rights of women are inescapable. I feel the crushing wieght of womens worth being tied to their ability to procreate. I am a mother, I have four children. Children are a blessing when you are ready to have them. Having childten is a sacred thing to me and an obligation which should not be entered into lightly. Having children is a lifetime commitment and the assumpton that women should accept being a mother with no more regard than buying a puppy undermines the seriouness of this sacred under taking. Women have more to contribute than our ability to pr…

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