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February 15, 2017

Hi all! As part of this blog, I will be hosting two debaters every week to engage in a discussion over myriad topics. This week, our debaters will be writing about President Trump's Executive Order regarding the immigration of individuals from seven Middle Eastern countries (also known as the "Muslim Ban" to those in opposition). The debate will be broken down as follows: 

-Early in the week, a Pro and Con Opening Statement will be released from both writers. 

-After a few days, each writer will have the opportunity to provide a Rebuttal.

-At the end of the week, the posters will submit a Closing Statement each. 


The idea is to have a rational, educated discussion based on facts and logic. Hopefully, we can all learn a little something, even if it is just how to be civil to one another. 


To find the start of this week's debate, please click on the 'Devil's Advocate' tab. Beneath it, several sub-tabs should appear. The first two reference the Opening Statements. Click on those to reach this part of the debate. 


Within the next few days, the rebuttals will be posted under the appropriate tabs, and consequentially the Closing Statements. Feel free to contact me if any confusion ensues. Also, if you would like to comment, let me know. I will try to add some additional tabs to accommodate. 


Also, if anyone in the future would like to serve as a debater or wants to write a guest , you are more than welcome. Feel free to contact me and let me know. Topic ideas are also appreciated. 

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