Let's Debate the Democratic Debate!

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

Being a debate site, I only thought it was appropriate that I FINALLY had a blog post on the Democratic Primary debates (we’ve had a few already--is this primary season over yet?) Fortunately, although the request was last minute, the following contributors decided to help me out. They all sent to me their preliminary thoughts and expectations before watching the fifth debate and their initial reactions post debate. 

    I also asked for reactions from the following day after they had some time to think things through. One thing I have really become interested in lately is how our arguments and ideas change after we have walked away from them and mulled the thoughts over a little bit. What does reflection do to one’s opinion? How can we encourage such reflection more often? 

     Okay, that philosophical thought experiment will have to be for another day! In the meantime, please mull over the myriad contributions and perspectives found below. Thank you Ruthmarie Hicks and  Markus Dazkal for your willingness to participate and add your thoughts. 

Initial thoughts

Ruthmarie Hicks

    First, full disclosure: Iam a progressive Democrat who did NOT vote for Hillary Clinton. She was too corporate and was going to win NYS w/o me anyway. I would have voted for Sanders.

If the cast of characters on stage tonight, I have two concerns: 

1. I’m looking for more daylight between Warren and Sanders. I am for Sanders as things stand now, but I want to hear more from Warren about MedicareForAll because I think she’s waffling. For me personally, this could be a matter of life or death. I finally was forced to drop my crappy ACA insurance this year because it was simply unaffordable.

     I do like the way Warren is anti- corruption. Her background as a bankruptcy lawyer means that she knows where the bodies are buried. The talking heads of finance can’t talk over her head like they can with so many politicians, and certainly the general public. She knows as much - or more than they do.

     I will be watching for insight on that topic. However, if you have ever seen her with a banking mogul on YouTube, it’s obvious they can’t pull the wool over her eyes.

Sanders has been a more consistent liberal, but the thing I like about him is that he has the capacity to use the bully pulpit effectively. This is vital for bringing badly needed change to the country. I want to hear more about the Green New Deal and housing. This is a great combination to blend the tw